Guide to Finding The Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Okay, so it’s beginning to sink in that that “swiffer” is a bit of a money trap. And the tragedy is that they were right about the old-fashioned broom-and-dustpan: it’s just not efficient anymore! Save it for your daughter’s Halloween costume, when she decides to dress up (tastefully, of course) as a witch.

Oh, those hardwood floors… they look so fantastic, so contemporary, yet classic. They are simply the crowning jewel to your beautiful home! But, we all know that going no-carpet comes at a price, and that price is keeping your floors clean more rigorously than ever. So what is it you’re really looking for in a method of cleaning them?

Things to remember:

  • Your hardwood floors will shine naturally the cleaner they are. Keeping them dust- and- particle free constantly, results in you drastically cutting down on your mopping and polishing time(s).
  • That square footage of hardwood you paid every last penny for, is every last bit of square footage that your vacuum must reach. This is why the “swiffer” simply won’t do; you cannot be replacing that “electromagnetic” pad once, twice, even three times a day. That’s how much it will take for your floors to thank you: your wallet won’t be in agreement!
  • Efficiency is key: You need something that will last every bit as long as the floors, if not longer. You’re making an investment, and you should expect a return on the investment. Think of it as a relationship between the floors, and the device you use to clean them.
  • Take it seriously, but don’t break the bank. You shouldn’t have to! That’s the whole point of this purchase. The best part about a home that’s carpet-free is that you don’t need something with the horsepower capable of reaching way down into carpet fibers. You simply need something with longevity. The Civic of vacuums, if you will.

More to come… check back soon!

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