Hardwood Floor ShineOkay, so it’s beginning to sink in that the “swiffer” is a bit of a money trap. And the tragedy is that they were right about the old-fashioned broom-and-dustpan: it’s just not efficient anymore! Save it for your daughter’s Halloween costume, when she decides to dress up (tastefully, of course) as a witch.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines

Oh, those hardwood floors… they look so fantastic, so contemporary, yet classic. They are simply the crowning jewel to your beautiful home!

But, we all know that going no-carpet comes at a price, and that price is keeping your floors clean more rigorously than ever. So what is it you’re really looking for in a method for cleaning them? Do you really need to buy the best vacuum for hardwood floors just to keep your hardwood clean and well-maintained? We already know that hardwood floors will shine naturally the cleaner they are, so it only makes sense to have a good cleaning machine for it, right?

Things to Remember:

  • Keeping them dust- and- particle free constantly, results in you drastically cutting down on your mopping and polishing time(s).
  • That square footage of hardwood you paid every last penny for, is every last bit of square footage that your vacuum must reach. This is why the “swiffer” simply won’t do; you cannot be replacing that “electromagnetic” pad once, twice, even three times a day. That’s how much it will take for your floors to thank you: your wallet won’t be in agreement!
  • Efficiency is key: You need something that will last every bit as long as the floors, if not longer. You’re making an investment, and you should expect a return on the investment. Think of it as a relationship between the floors, and the device you use to clean them.
  • Take it seriously, but don’t break the bank. You shouldn’t have to! That’s the whole point of this purchase. The best part about a home that’s carpet-free is that you don’t need something with the horsepower capable of reaching way down into carpet fibers. You simply need something with longevity. The Civic of vacuums, if you will.
  • Consider something like a backpack vacuum if you have a large home to clean and you don’t want the strain of trying to find new ways to maneuver your cleaner with each room you enter.

What to Avoid

Vacuum Cleaning BrushesA vacuum with a cleaning brush or a rotating brush can scratch your hardwood, and/or simply push the dirt around rather than picking it up. If it has a brush, make sure it has an “On/Off” brush switch. Also, a vacuum without attachments will have you pushing furniture around to get to those hard-to-reach places, and this may also scratch your floors. Go with the attachments.

Any vacuum with less than 1,000 watts probably isn’t worth the investment, unless you’re just looking for something like a lightweight stick vacuum to compliment your primary cleaner. You need to pick up the dirt without any extra fuss or muss. Especially if you have pets in your home, the 1,000 wattage point is even more important. But, as much as 1,400 watts is just overkill. This is where the “don’t break the bank” considerations come in… Remember, you went carpet-less for good reasons! Avoiding the irritation of trapped dirt is just one of them.

One Last Thing: Allergens

Part of the beauty of having hardwood floors is that you truly avoid irritating and inflaming your allergies the way carpeted floors can. If you or someone in your home suffers from these, you need to consider them in your vacuum purchase as well. A vacuum with a canister and no bags could have the dirt lingering, and cause more mess when emptying the canister. On the other hand, a vacuum that keeps you buying bags cuts into that “efficiency” you tried so hard to achieve. And don’t forget, no matter what vacuum features you choose to have, you should always do your own research and visit sites with the best vacuum cleaner reviews. Choose wisely!